NonSticky Hair Oil Review Ft Marico

Wearing – Marico’s Hair & Care Fruit Oils

Hair care starts at home with many basics we need to get right. Basics like regularly washing your hair, keeping your scalp healthy by regularly oiling it, using less harsh products and more natural and organic products. I personally try to maintain my hair routine by oiling them once a week and keep up with the washes also, however with our busy lifestyles we do tend to put these basics on the back burner. Oiling also seems like a task many a times due to the time consumed in doing it and washing it off.

















































This time when I switched to Marico’s Hair and Care Non sticky hair oil with herbal proteins and 48 hour nourishment lock, I found it rather easy to maintain my hair care routine. To begin with the hair oil was very light, non-sticky and easy to apply. The lightness and the freshness of this oil is due to the presence of fruit oil in it which even makes it smell nice. The oil being absolutely non-greasy, it can be used as a serum to control the dryness of hair. Say No to Frizz! Its unique fruit combinations of Orange, Anaar, Strawberry, and Olive, Mosambi, Green Apples energise the hair. Haircare and it nourishment is definitely made easy by – Marico’s Hair and Care Oil.