Do Denim O/N Denim

Wearing: Regular denim buttoned down shirt, Ed Hardy shorts, and River Island lace-up brogues.





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For Denim on Denim, famously known as ‘Canadian tuxedo’, the secret is balance! Yes, this trend is so wrong, that its right and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

On a casual day, I am running errands and finishing my shopping list in my super chic and comfy denim shorts, denim shirt and lace-up brogues (super love River Island). It instantly gives a street style vibe, effortlessly put together. Mixing of the washes is giving it a seamless flair and making it an ideal outfit to wear while out on the town. The noble thing about these pieces is that they are wardrobe staples and are sure to get a ton of wear on a daily basis, whether worn together or separately.

So styling the “D” Duo is not at all tricky, rather can be naturally put together. You can also see the A-listers follow the trend and get more inspiration on the same.

Bonus Tips – Dos & Don’ts:

Do: Use the denim advantage to highlight your body parts. As a rule, the lighter shades of denim draw more attention to the body parts they cover, while the darker contributes by giving a slimming effect. For many of us girls, it means, darker denim bottoms.

Don’t: No to denim accessories. No denim shoes, hats, handbags or any other accessory. Keep it confined.

Do: Keep it simple! Always works! With two denim pieces put together, less is more. So break it up with simple colours and neutral accessories to keep it clean. Nude / White / Browns.

Don’t: Match it all (never). Keep in mind not to wear the same weight and wash, especially if you’re a beginner.

Do: Play around with colours and the weight and wash of the denim. For beginners, mixing the right proportions is a must. Blues and whites and blacks and the shades can all be mixed and matched. Personal fav – chambray shirt with dark skinnies (Oh, So Fresh!).

Don’t: Do NOT mix up too many main elements / trends in the same look. Stay away from too much boho; you don’t want to look like a caricature. Minimal is the way to go.

Do: Distress. Don’t be afraid to rip your denims away (shorts or jeans). There is something about distressed denim look. The style and the attitude make it very chic and modish, giving you the refined look.

Don’t: Never go back in the days to take inspiration on this look, which undoubtedly went so-so-wrong-wrong. Example: Justin Timberlake and Britney spears (do check them out), you can never go this wrong then!

Do: Dress to tell. You can always up your look by adding statement slinky heels, sophisticated blazer or an outstanding lip colour.

So we are definitely breaking the rules by this combination. But, ey, don’t your eyes love it? Have you tried the denim on denim yourself? If yes, as always, we would love to see it! Please share your pictures and tag us on Instagram @sincerelysu.official and #SincerelySu, so that we can share your style inspirations with our beautiful readers.

Love thyself,

Sincerely, Su!

Photo Courtesy: Hardik Zaveri.

Fringe Factor Fervor !!

WEARING: Zara fringe tank top, Zara denim shorts, Zara denim jacket, MAC Makeup, Corset heels Espirit, Uk.

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I always like to plan my look in and around something prominent. But thinking about our day-to-day looks, we are all jammed in the same stock of attire: pants / skirts, tops / shirts, heels / flats, jackets and more. Accessorizing with baubles and a scarf or bags can add extra fashion potential, but all this has been done and is always done. This is what I always keep crunching my mind on every time I have to dress up and go out, even though if it’s just a simple and basic look. I am always on the run to add more or make it less for it to be more kinda technique.

We have been introduced to so many new trends day after day, year after year, and some of them just keep recurring and refuse to perish (thank god)! Such is also the case with the most pervasive fad – Fringe (and of course my oh so fav – crop tops too)!

Yes, Fringe can be the tricky one to pull off, but it works truly well on jackets, skirts, dresses, also on accessories like bags and shoes. I tried various combinations and it worked really well, needless to say I fell in love with its fresh, yet edgy flair. So now, I wanted to push the quotient a bit more and wear it almost everywhere. Also, it is soft and feminine which gives everything a lil bohemian edge that is ever-so-sought-after inspiration. So how?

Can I shake my basic look a bit more?

Can I have something more fascinating flowing in everyday?

Can I have the cake and eat it too?

Then, who run the world, girls? We! We can absolutely do anything and everything we put our mind and heart to. That is – no news. So I clubbed it all to my run-of-the-mill basic look. Wore my fav Zara denim shorts, with a straightforward and simple fringe blue tank top (Zara again, thank you). Honestly, felt like tassels dancing around my body (and nobody is watching). Definitely a keeper! Also, it gave my everyday look an incredibly-cool-glamorous touch.

The bohemian element inspired me to wear my corset heels (booties) to complete the look. So, jump start your ABCs collection and don’t pass up this retro stimulated look.

In the end, what do you think about this fashion repeating itself? Fringe – Yes or No? Lets talk more…


Love thyself,

Sincerely, Su!

Photo Courtesy: Madhuri Sharma Photography.

Day & Night, Toss & Turn

WEARING: Forever 21 Blue seamless pencil dress.
Day: Lenskart eyewear, Black Opia pointed toe lace pumps, Ted Baker jewel cluster crystal ring, Accessorize pearl / diamond bracelets.
Night: Dune solid blue pumps, Koovs blue and gold tassel earrings / Blue crush pearl necklace.







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For the last few years now, working in a corporate firm in Manchester and in India (both), my only concern was ‘Mondays’ (actually even weekdays) – they are good & productive, but they are more consuming. Especially if you pay, even a lil attention to the hatred trolls and memes on Facebook and /or Insta about Monday mornings. But I would say, not all is lost if you get to take your style to work. Yay!

If our love for all things fashion has taught us a lesson, it is to hold your confidence high up and bone it like you own it.

How many of us really wake up and start our mornings singing songs of love and joy? And have an extra hour to try out various outfits? And finally pick out one impressive formal look together and wear it to your monday happiness? If this is your morning story, and this is you, then stop reading here.

Others (& me) 3 out of 5 times, we find ourselves running around trying to figure out ‘what to wear’, ‘what will look chic and yet be comfortable’, ‘how does my day look like’, ‘who will be wearing what’, ‘I have nothing to wear, ‘who will make my coffee’? Constant fight of thought’s while you are starring at those piles. Personally, one of the biggest challenge is to ‘dress smartly’ for a packed calendar.

BIG TIP: Organise your wardrobe and maintain it like that! You will always have more.

Now, one of my favourite approach is to pick attire that is versatile. Something, which can easily transition from glamorous at the office look to a late dinner & cocktail night. The 9am to 1am kinda look. These are those days where your hectic schedule does not allow you to change. A classy glamorous look is for all those sexy women around the sphere who rule the world, and would rather do it in style with sky rocketing high heels, bright seamless colours, painted lips and statement accessories that go day & night.

Well, as I always say, keep it simple; so for meetings, I am wearing my seamless pencil dress with neutral black toe lace pumps and delicate classy diamond and pearl accessories from Ted Baker. The tip is to infuse posh heels, rich fabrics, expensive perfume (a must, I am wearing Chanel No 5.), statement jewellery and a good bag.

After back to back meetings, I am was heading to my company’s private dinner & cocktail night at White Owl (lower parel, Mumbai). All I have done is folded my dress in a lil to make it look petite and crisp for a night out (who said you cannot curve your style skills;)) and changed my accessories to something more extravagant, to make a statement. I will add big statement earrings and rings for my fingers OR a showy necklace and small earrings to finish the look. It is imperative to stick to one big element for your look, not making it gaudy. I have also changed my heels to a solid colour, as I want to draw all the attention to my stunning jewellery. You can also style it with old metallic heels.

Now, Lipsticks last longer but gloss is more fun! So for nights like this, I pep up with a little gloss for the gleaming fresh look to match the spirit of the place that is so fine-looking and welcoming.

So, voilà, you are all set to go!!!

Love Thyself,

Sincerely, Su!

P.S. I am love with the freshly brewed artisanal beers at The White Owl. The place is young, relaxed and classy, yet easy. It is brightly lit and lively by day, warmer by dinner and progressively spirited as the night evolves! Sincerely, A Must Try!!!

Photo Courtesy: Madhuri Sharma Photography.

Place Courtesy: The White Owl.