The Puma Story – #DoYou

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Do You!

Yes! We were all Women! 1900 & more Women! Women who were from all age groups, Women who were powerful to do something for themselves, Women who wanted to take up a challenge, Women with a core and Women who were ready to take on the world and create a history.

On 6th November 2016, at Jio Gardens, Mumbai, 6pm, #PUMA created history for the first time in India at the #PumaPlankathon.

Honestly, I take pride to say that I was a part of a movement like this. A movement where all the things we always talk about and believe in and want to do, were coming true. My words will not do justice to what I felt at that very moment, but I will still try and paint down Puma’s Plankathon & World breaking record experience.

Popxo & Puma, together, organised this breathtaking event, the type we always want “Good Vibes Only”. There were so many beautiful women out there, who were happy, thrilled and excited, who were wrapped in vibrance by Puma in their Neon Orange tank tops! I actually experienced girls getting off their normal tops and replacing them with Puma tank tops and flaunting their Sports bra. Freedom! It really was a drive in itself. The drive to #DoYou!

The event started off by two test planks. Only the ones successful in achieving that were allowed to enter this record-breaking event. Once we got our entries, and confidence in place to pull off the world record, we headed towards more and more inspiring women inside. RJ Malishka Mendosa (our all time favourite RJ from Red FM 93.5) and Shibani Dandekar (one of the most clever anchor) were already talking our way to success. Along side, we also had few of the most gifted and most inspiring fitness role models – Sakshi Malik, Jacqueline Fernandes and Kalki Koechlin, present there to be a part of the world record with us! They came, they inspired, and they broke the records with us!

The Hardest lift.

Sweat is magic.

That Butt.

Your body matters.

Happiness is Fitness.

All of these and many more thoughts were flowing in and out of me when the moment arrived. It was Showtime, where we all, “together”, held a plank for 60 seconds. Well, in this moment there were millions of emotions and energies curving around, that confidence, that positivity, that focus, that enthusiasm, that drive to do something. I was in the sea of orange.

I take so much pride in sharing with you all, that Puma Women -1623 strong women, did break the Guinness World Record, by successfully holding the plank for 60seconds in India (Mumbai) in the very first attempt. An attempt that not only shows our physical asset, but our minds power to do something so inspiring, and sending across a strong message to the rest of the world that together – We Can!

I want to thank Puma & Popxo for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this world record-breaking campaign. It was beautifully inspiring and strong to make me show the world what I am made of. If I wont, then who would do it for me! And as we know that the best project you will work on, will always be “YOU”!

So my assertion to you all is #DoYou!

Love thyself,
Sincerely, Su!
In Association with POPXO!
Photo Courtesy: Madhuri Sharma Photography.
Place Courtesy: Jio Garden, BKC, Mumbai.