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I am Suman Khera and this blog is my journey from here to a world of fashionably confident verve. This is my personal style website where I want to create a visual journal of my every day style and thoughts. I want to share my fashion stories and want to know yours too, and together we discover how to make your ensemble exceptionally stylish. Lets imagine, encounter and even oppose, together! We’ve got to go out and kick ass.

At Sincerely Su, it is all about keeping things real, having the independence to speak your mind, exploring creativity, pushing limits to achieve the finest possible and sharing it head first. Here we unravel daily fashion trends & tips, styling ideas, inspirations, product reviews and techniques to customise style. I believe, that a fashion technique, no matter how difficult it may seem, how mainstream or how inspirational, once it is given the wings, it becomes sincerely stylish.

After bagging a postgraduate degree (UK) and having worked in marketing and advertising for more than 4 years, I have come to believe that each of us has a personal calling. As well said by Oprah Winfrey, “it is as unique as a fingerprint”. And so, here I am to begin what I love “Be a Force of Fashion”, and offer it to others. Right from the days of playing dress-up till now where I still drink the same passion, I want to uplift desires and personalities, to follow their hearts, have the finesse, and be self-confident of Who you are – What you wear – Wherever you go!

So put on some comforting background music, cozy up with your favorite warm drink (mine is coffee) and get ready for unlimited stock of fashion stimulations!

♥ Love thyself ♥

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