Because hair colour is the new makeup ft.Matrix II

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Matrix has taken a remarkable step in making the life of a Bride To Be easy, yet colorfully beautiful. Yes, it’s true!

This all started quite a few months back, when I attended the Matrix #DestinationBrides event. It was by far one of the most interesting events I have attended, especially after I started planning my wedding. Planning a wedding is a Herculean task, as there is so much to it. Then imagine a destination wedding where every little detail has to be taken care of well in advance: right from your wedding aesthetics, to your look for the big day! After attending this event, I realised that much like your makeup and trousseau, hair color is an essential part of your look.

If you have been following me on any of my social media handles, you must know that I was recently invited for an experiential with Matrix and must be eager to know more about it! I will start with a disclaimer that whatever I write here is in no way influenced by any brand inviting me to experience their service.

With my personal experience as a Bride-to-be and my wedding hardly a month away from now, I can totally share all the emotions going through me every single day. Emphasis is laid on my appearance -my skin, my hair and much more. I am taking measures to take proper care and guidance in each area. However, like every to Bride-to-be, I have a lot of questions and also a little distress if I plan on changing my entire look. Now picture your life made easy by an expert doing all the work professionally for you. That’s exactly what Matrix invited me to experience.

I was invited to their technical centre where I learnt how hair color can complement my entire look and complete it. They took me through everything that should be considered while coloring your hair – skin tone, face cut and the look you’re planning to wear on that special day.

Coloring your hair can be tricky, especially before your big day, as you don’t want anything to go awry at that point (pangs!!!). But the team of Matrix hair experts was really earnest and proficient in their work. The professional assistance has helped me understand a lot about my own hair and the world of possibilities opening up with the right hair color.

I was introduced to the three unique looks curated by Matrix experts. Their collection comprises of hairstylist-crafted, on-trend looks inspired by beautiful wedding destinations and the brides that bring them alive. Their collection marries color palettes and looks to complement the bridal destinations, from the classic Modern Maharani bride for those regal palaces, the Boho Beach bride for the perfect beach wedding and the Ethereal Garden bride for the charming garden setting. They have something for every bride!

After consultation with the experts, I chose the Ethereal Garden Bride! It’s a lovely look that blends highlights with my dark brown hair, giving my hair a statement, with each strand complimenting the look. It uses Matrix SoColor shades 6.62, 4.62 and SoRed 6VR.

After choosing the look, it was time to relax for me and let the experts work their magic on my hair. A relaxing hair wash later, the beautiful hair color was there for everyone to admire! Not only did it suit the natural color of my hair and skin tone, it also accentuated my face in all the right places. I felt like I was glowing!

Then to complete the Ethereal Garden Bride look, my hair was styled into a messy bun to really bring alive the color in my hair. The pictures speak for themselves!

Last but not the least, it’s equally important to take care of your hair color after it is done. If you decide to get a hair color service, do not forget to use Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain the vibrancy of the color and that fresh-out-of-salon look!

The team took personal effort in explaining to me how these looks have been curated keeping in mind various factors and by various industry professionals. They detailed out how ‘The Ethereal Garden Bride’ hair colour will suit my face-cut, complexion, and the destination I have chosen for my wedding. Now I fully understand that hair colour is the new makeup and can make a massive difference in your appearance, specially on your big day.

Therefore, here’s a massive prompt to all the Brides-To-Be, head over to the nearest Matrix Salon and choose the perfect look! You can also follow Matrix facebook page and website and get your hands on their latest hair color and collections.

Matrix Hair Expert (aka magician): Faiyaz Sheikh

Love thyself,

Sincerely, Su!
In Association with : Matrix 
Photo Courtesy: Ryan D’souza & Khushi Daksha

Because Hair color is the new makeup

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The essence of putting a look together has always been down to the right kind of outfit and makeup as per your personality. We put so much thought and effort in what to wear and the right shades of eye shadow and lip-color. But we forget that no look is complete without the perfect hairstyle. As they say, invest in your hair; it is the crown you never take off!

Growing up, I have definitely learned the importance of highlighting all my best features to look good (feel good). Shopping for new trends and fashion, investing in good makeup and taking care of my health, skin and hair; everything is a part of my daily routine.

If you guys have been following me on Instagram, you might have seen how black and straight my hair is. Yes, they are easy to manage and never take long, no ironing is needed, and my natural hair color is fine but they also say “boring”, out loud. Which is why I have always been keen try on new things. Specially now, that I am a Bride-To-Be (blush-blush) and want to look different and flawless and totally on point on my big day (Wish).

Then, I attended the Matrix #DestinationBrides event a few months back. It was, by far one of the most interesting events I have attended so far, especially after, I started planning my wedding. The event was quite an eye-opener as I realised that much like your skin care, makeup and trousseau, hair color holds an essential part of your look.

During the event, the Matrix team took me through 3 looks curated by Matrix experts. Their collection comprises of exclusive, hairstylist-crafted, unique, on-trend looks, which have been inspired by beautiful destinations and the brides that bring them alive. Their collection marries colour palettes and looks to complement the bridal destinations, from the classic Modern Maharani bride, the Boho Beach bride and the Ethereal Garden bride, there’s something for every bride. One needs to consult a professional hairstylist to ensure they take all the factors into consideration before choosing their hair color and overall look for your big celebration! There are a lot of things to be considered before choosing the right color and look. Be it hair type, hair texture, the kind of wedding you will have, the season you have your wedding during. You definitely need advice and direction from a professional. I’d like to thank Matrix for helping me understand this, so I can do the right thing for my big day!

All this professional assistance has helped me understand a lot about my own hair and the world of possibilities opening up with the right hair color. It will help me plan my hair before the wedding. Just like you would choose to get the right shade of makeup and your lip colour on your big day, you should also choose the right hair color to complete your look. Its simple here, as you use makeup to accentuate your best facial features, hair color is the medium through which your hair can up your style quotient. Did you know even hair color can help highlight your best facial features?

In fact, hair color is the new make up for your hair as it adds dimension to any style and enhances a haircut. To top it, a well-done hair color only adds more life to your appearance and showcases your facial features in the best way possible.

So this October, I am heading over to Matrix experts and getting my hair (colored) ready for my big day in November!

All you have to do is go to Matrix’s website ( ) and it will surely lead you to make the right choice for which bride’s (hair) style you want to adopt. Stay tuned to get all the deets and an expert 101 on hair color for your wedding day. Specially all the Brides-To-Be (just like me), do yourself a favour and keep an eye out on an all these Matrix color palettes and make your selection. I am so excited, what about you?

Love thyself,

Sincerely, Su!
In Association with : Matrix 
Photo Courtesy: Haily’s Photography!

A True Story Bride ft. Narayan Jewellers III

Wearing: Gold & vilandi choker with accents of pearls & emeralds, long detailed necklace with strings of pearls & squared gold statement pendant, maang tikka, detailed gold & jadau bangles, statement vilandi rings and a gold & pearl string nose ring; from Narayan Jewellers. 








And the adventure begins!!!

The D-Day, the day when the Bride To Be is nervous, yet in love; she is holding on to so many small details, yet hoping to create magic. Yes the D- Day when all of it is just going to be worth it and beyond. She wants to enjoy the little things, and also hope that many more good things come to her in abundance. Along with so much excitement, she is also holding up to her outfit and more importantly her jewellery..

Well, an indian bride for sure knows that her wardrobe is incomplete without those jewellery pieces that make her feel so special. Specially on her big day, where she is wearing the most exquisite pieces to create that magic.

I would say, select them with keenness to detail as they are a part of your most expensive legacy and memory. Totally layer up them jewels, so that they can be worn many-a-times than just once. That leads me to the most talked and adapted trend this season ‘The Choker Fad’. 90’s did you say? Ha well, they have been lurking since forever, but somewhere we knew that their being in the style spot was always inevitable. The best part is, you can go single or style them up with absolutely anything, or any attire.

Why drop this trend on the D Day ? Narayan Jewellers helped me skilfully pick some stylish, yet so elegant pieces for my D-Day. Specially a gorgeous gold & vilandi choker with accents of pearls & emeralds like this! Its a total YAY with a long necklace like this one, which gives it an opulent look. The necklace having a square, intricately constructed pendant in gold pieces with vilandi strung with strands of pearls makes it stand out inspite of all the layers. Wearing two different necklaces together is extremely popular and sensible as it gives an opportunity to wear those pieces separately later in any desired manner. So hey, that adds up to a lot of evenings that embark your presence.

A maang tikka to highlight your gorgeous forehead, stack of vilandi, jadau & gold bangles for your beautiful hands, statement vilandi rings to adorn your fingers, and a nose ring with a string of pearls that slides by your cheek completing your look; are a must wear for the special lady of the evening. These pieces are carefully crafted to perfection with enamelled paintings even on the inside (a very intricate detail that will not be observed by everyone, only for the eyes of the wearer to fulfil the desire to feel nothing less than a queen). These jewels, promise of a lifetime, chosen carefully by your family & you, lovingly handcrafted for you by the most sought after designers of the time – Narayan Jewellers; to celebrate your big day!

As they say life is a beautiful ride, but it can be made more beautiful with lots and lots of love and some gorgeous jewels…;) Get your mojo on and pick some fascinating pieces from none other that Narayan Jewellers.

Love thyself,
Sincerely, Su!
In Association with Narayan Jewellers!
MUAH Courtesy: Mystique By Ravina.
Photo Courtesy: Madhuri Sharma Photography.

A True Story ft. Narayan Jewellers II

Wearing: Signature Gold & Pearl Textured Set by Narayan Jewellers.









A True Story is continuing in our subsequent phase, just like the different phases a Bride has to go through during her marriage. Yes, I am talking about the various rituals and functions an Indian wedding is made of. As we know all weddings are fully carved with enthusiasm, celebrations, love and blessings, Indian weddings to get a little tricky as they are also imprinted with lots and lots of accessories, chic & swish outfits and the BIG J of jewellery!

So the crucial question is what to wear? Specially what jewellery to wear, it being the most expensive of the lot. Well, if you haven’t decided yet, you need not to worry as we are taking you through a Bride To Be’s journey of jewels.

From so many elegant, classy, BIG and stylish options available from Narayan Jewellers, I have picked a Signature Gold & Pearl Textured Set to embrace my look here. This set is an integration of gold & pearls in a unique way. Grasp at the beauty of the textured gold in this set, which comes with jadau attachments with profound khakho pearls. This beauty is inspired from geometry, where bold shapes meet floral details. Just like how we have the different aspects of the two souls woven in together.

It is paired with whopping gorgeous earrings, which can be worn as a statement piece independently with many other looks later also. From where I see, Narayan Jewellers have mastered the art of taking traditional techniques and using them unconventionally, which results into one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

So finishing word is, to ease you into this wedding season, we have curated this look to make you fashionable right and beautiful with some exclusive pieces available only at Narayan Jewellers. So Brides, the wait is over, get your jewels spot-on!

Love thyself,
Sincerely, Su!
In Association with Narayan Jewellers!
MUAH Courtesy: Mystique By Ravina.
Photo Courtesy: Madhuri Sharma Photography.


A True Story ft. Narayan Jewellers

Wearing: Classy Layered Polki (aka Vilandi) Set by Narayan Jewellers.









Well, well, well, Marriage! One of the most important and memorable event in an individual’s life. It is a merger of two souls, two families and a lifetime together. That part in your life when you meet your soul mate and the day when you take the promise to spend the rest of your life with that person is priceless. Particularly, a wedding is a very special occasion in every girl’s life. A girl and her mother wait for this day almost their entire life. And why not, it is by far the most distinct and the most enjoyable time in ones life.

In India, where weddings are considered sacred, all its rituals are celebrated with great keenness, love and lot of magnificent pieces of jewellery. Although, for the Bride to be, with wedding bells, comes lot of planning and fulfillments. The two most important things that first come to a Bride’s mind are the jewellery and the outfit for the D-Day, and all other functions.

Now, there are a million options out there, which ofcourse can get a bit awe-inspiring. But the Bride To Be needs to start planning in advance, of what kind of jewellery she is looking for fitting to her personality, face-shape, wedding day outfit and ofcourse her budget. Deciding on the jewellery should be done before the outfit selection or both hand in hand (rather than after). Mainly, because jewellery is an expensive and once in a lifetime kind of a purchase and should be done right, and your wedding outfit might never see the light of day again.

Every bride to be is on the lookout for the right kind of jewellery that she can pair with her wedding outfit (and after). I would say that a bride’s trousseau is partially incomplete without jewellery. As a Bride To Be I was equally lost in all the overwhelming options available, but then I came across Narayan Jewellers, where they helped me pick some stunning pieces, and ‘being gorgeous’ is an understatement for them! So if you haven’t started your D-Day jewellery shopping yet, and are excavating for some blamelessly beautiful and versatile pieces, I am bringing to you some wedding jewellery sets that I am totally in love with!

In this series of ‘A True Story’, I am portraying a journey of a bride for many purposes she is a part of and what she can rather choose to dazzle up her look. I want to take you through some beautifully crafted jewellery pieces by – Narayan Jewellers. Well, the day highlights the lifelong planning of a girl, ought to be A True Story..

In my first look, I am wearing multiple strands of polki aka vilandi that shine bright like a series of small stars when studded in jadau. The exquisite detailing and jadau technique is making it worth all the applauds. This necklace and its polka style is rather so versatile (neutral) that I can totally flaunt it every chance I get with a variety of outfits later. It will totally compliment any high neck (like I am wearing), any “V” neck, and also any choker I pair it with and much more.

This is a very classy design with a dainty floral pendant and delicate earrings. It can totally be paired according to your personal style, whether you want to wear it with an Indian lehenga / saree or even Indo-western gowns. The beauty is it can be worn individually or with other sets, raising your style quotient in however you pair it.

I have also styled it up with a very elegant, yet chic nose ring. Since I am keeping this look more gold and classy, this nose ring adds that edge to the adorning traditions in the most sophisticated way.

With no limits on her mind and heart, todays Bride to be is out there looking for pieces which can compliment her in various ways on her D-Day and after. She is smart, and can pick and choose wisely. So what are you waiting for?

Get this ‘Classy Polki Set from Narayan Jewellers’ and much more from their élite collection for your special day!

Love thyself,
Sincerely, Su!
In Association with Narayan Jewellers!
MUAH Courtesy: Mystique By Ravina.
Photo Courtesy: Madhuri Sharma Photography.